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Wireless Doctor has built a reputation for having the best mobile device repair and replacement services in the business, but did you know that we built our business on helping people with their computers? That’s right. We specialize in computer repairs and upgrades for everything from processing power to memory storage to media machines. Whatever it is that your computer needs to be all that it can be, Wireless Doctor has the knowledge and experience to provide the guidance and hard work to get it there.

Why Choose Wireless Doctor?

We offer free diagnostics on your hardware problems so we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost of your work.

In terms of hardware repairs, replacements, and upgrades, nobody beats our pricing.

With seven locations throughout Nevada and Utah, Wireless Doctor is always nearby and ready to help.

Great customer service is a top priority at Wireless Doctor. We treat our customers the same we want to be treated when we hire a company to solve a problem for us.

Industry Leading PC Upgrade Services

We live in a world where people tend to throw away old equipment and buy the latest model whether they need to or not. Some of it can be blamed on the marketing of big computer brands that want you to believe that yesterday’s components are outdated as soon as you buy them, and more of it can be blamed on our own lack of understanding how our computers actually work.

Most of the time, upgrading your computer with new hardware and components can help it last much longer and rarely is a full-blown new build needed. Sure, every now and then you’ll need to upgrade a component that still works, but which just can’t hang with your new video card, but this is the exception and not the rule.

Get The Computer Upgrades You Want and Need

No matter what kind of computing power you need, from media management to data storage to impressive processing power, we can help. When it comes to upgrading your computer, we have the answers for all of the following hardware:

Power supplies


Hard drives

Video cards

Sound cards

Wireless cards



Media drives

And more!

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At Wireless Doctor, we’re here to help. That means expert knowledge, friendly staff, fast service, and unbeatable prices. So what are you waiting for? Bring your PC down to us for a diagnostic, and let us know what you’d like it to do better. Our experts will make their recommendations, answer your questions, and get you back on the road with your new rig fast!