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Most people take their smartphone everywhere they go, which means there are many opportunities to drop the phone into the sink, toilet or a puddle, or to spill coffee, water or soda onto it. Learn what to do if you accidentally get your smartphone wet.

What to Do When Your Smartphone Gets Wet

When you accidentally get your smartphone wet by dropping it into a sink or toilet or spilling water or another beverage on it, you might automatically assume that the device is a total loss. As soon as you realize that the phone is wet, you can take several steps to protect it and the data it holds. You can also promptly contact a service for phone repair in Las Vegas and have a professional make repairs as needed.

Rescue the Phone

The first step to saving your smartphone after it has gotten wet is to remove it from the liquid, but only if you can do so safely. If your phone is plugged into a charger, do not attempt to unplug it, as this may cause you to become injured. The shorter the amount of time that your phone spends wet or submerged, the more likely its chances at being functional. Once you have removed your phone from the liquid, shut it off. If it stays on, it could short circuit.

Remove the Battery

Once the phone is turned off, use some soft cotton cloths or microfiber towels to pat it dry. Locate the back of the phone where the battery door can be opened. Refer to your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to open the battery door and remove the battery. Most of the phone’s circuitry can be protected so long as it is not attached to the battery. Remove the SIM card as well.

Arrange for Repairs

Take your phone to a repair service. If you try the SIM card in another device and it does not work, the repair center may be able to save your data and even the entire phone.