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You rely on your phone for everything. In today’s world, it’s your calendar, your alarm, and much more. Why not let it keep you focused and on task, too?

The 4 Best Productivity Apps

In today’s world, the smart phone has taken the place of numerous other devices. It serves a myriad of purposes and can help even the most procrastination-prone person remain focused and on task. The built-in suite of productivity apps makes it easy for you to continue working even while you’re on the move. Here are some of the top productivity apps available today.


This is a beautifully designed to-do list application. It’s completely based in the touch screen, making it easy for you to list out whatever needs to get done, then check it off as you complete your tasks. Watching the list grow shorter can keep you motivated to work even harder as you near the end.

Evernote Hello

When Evernote came around and revolutionized note taking while on the go, it quickly grew in popularity. Evernote Hello is a companion app to the main program that can be used to keep track of who you meet. It’s easy to scan in business cards and include contact information. It allows you to build a mobile-based address book of your entire network, allowing you to remain in contact with everyone you need to remember. Best of all, it’s accessible from any device.


Ever wish you could access your laptop while on the move? LogMeIn allows you to gain access to your Mac from your smart phone. You can access the files you have stored there, use programs, and much more. It’s perfect for those times when your phone just doesn’t have the file you want.


If you’re bad about remembering tasks that you need to do, this app is for you. It’s a bit more robust than the built in alarm on the phone, and can be set to go off at specific times or when you reach certain GPS locations.

These apps can help you keep focused and on task no matter where you are. Of course, these are dependent on having a functioning phone at the time. If your phone has been damaged, phone repair in North Las Vegas can restore your device and get it back in working order.