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When it comes to phone repair, many consumers are under the wrong impressions. Knowing the truth can help them save time and stretch their phone budget further.

Most Common Misconceptions about Phone Repair

Many people take advantage of local phone repair in Henderson, but some people get stuck on prevalent misconceptions. Cutting through these misunderstandings may help you to save a lot of money and time.

Third-Party Repairs and Warranties

A common belief is that taking a smartphone to a third-party repairer will void the warranty. The truth is that the majority of phones, including those from Apple and Samsung, only include a one-year limited warranty. This limited warranty covers manufacturer defects. If you have cracked your screen, you require LCD replacement or you submerged your phone in water, then you’ve already voided that warranty. In that case, repair will likely be a much more economical option than replacement through a vendor.

The Cost of Third-Party Repair

Another reason consumers opt not to repair a phone through a third party is the cost expectation. Vendors often push the notion that upgrading every two years or whenever repair is required is the more cost-effective route. It isn’t. In fact, according to industry research, the average price to repair a cell phone is less than one-third the price that it costs to purchase a subsidized replacement. Even if you break your phone annually, which is unlikely, you’d end up paying much more through the vendor.

Phone Technicians and Certification

Finally, some people will avoid their local repair shop because companies like Apple and Samsung offer certified refurbishment. However, this doesn’t mean that the local shops aren’t certified. It may surprise some consumers to learn that many of the big companies contract their work out to local technicians. That means that you could be paying premium over what you’d pay if you’d just cut out the middleman.