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Apple offers repair of iPhone 6 smartphones through mail-in and drop-off services, but it’s often faster and more economical to deal with a certified local repair service.

Local vs. Apple iPhone 6 Repair

If you experience hardware or software problems with your Apple iPhone 6 smartphone, then you can either request repair directly through Apple or take your phone to a local repair service. Opting for Apple may seem like the obvious choice, but there are a number of reasons why iPhone 6 repair in Las Vegas may be the better choice.

Apple Mail-In and Drop-Off Options

One option Apple gives you is their mail-in service. Print out a label, and drop the phone in the mail. This may seem convenient, but shipping and repair costs can be high and the sheer amount of demand Apple experiences can mean being without your phone with weeks. A second option is to drop the phone off at an Apple Store, but these stores often don’t have repair technicians on staff. In fact, they’ll often hand this work off to a certified repairer in the area.

Certified Third-Party Repair Services

Apple certification means that a technician has the training not only to repair iPhone 6 smartphones and other Apple devices but also to refurbish them up to Apple factory standards. Therefore, an iPhone 6 repaired by a professional technician is of the same quality of the factory-refurbished phones that you can purchase through authorized sellers. Another advantage of dealing with a local technician is that you cut out the middleman, which usually means lower costs, and a private repair shop can usually fix and return your phone to you fast. In some cases, same-day service is possible.

Apple iPhone 6 Repair Options

Perhaps the most common iPhone repair is screen repair or replacement. Case and LCD replacement are also common. Certified technicians can also replace bad charging ports, recover water-damaged phones, replace batteries, correct Wi-Fi issues, perform data transfers and so forth.