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Learn how to find apps for your iPhone 6+ that are both educational and entertaining for school age kids. These apps can help to keep your kids learning during the long winter break from school.

Three Great Holiday iPhone Apps for School Age Kids

During the long winter break from school, many kids complain of boredom and look to their parents’ iPhones for entertainment. Instead of only having entertaining apps for your kids to use, you can download some great apps that are also educational. If you experience any problems with your iPhone during the holidays, a professional service for iPhone 6+ repair Las Vegas can restore it to its original settings.

Toca Hair Salon: Christmas Gift

The Toca Hair Salon series is popular with preschool through early grade school children. In these apps, children learn about colors, cause and effect and sharing with others. The fun holiday twist on this app is that kids get to style Santa Claus to look great for the holidays. This app is great to keep kids occupied during long waits in the airport or while stuck in heavy holiday traffic.

Monkey Preschool: When I Grow Up Holiday Edition

Preschoolers can explore a variety of careers with the Monkey Preschool-When I Grow Up Holiday Edition app. Made for the iPhone 6+, this app allows kids to see what different kinds of professionals do. The holiday theme to the app includes popular holiday symbols like Christmas trees, bells and holiday wreaths. The cartoon figures do their jobs within the context of the holidays, such as postal service workers delivering mail to a house that is decorated for Christmas.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The holiday classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas is presented in a narrative form with the text on the page as well, so that beginning and intermediate readers can read or follow along. Kids can sing along with the songs, count the gifts and learn about the gift giving tradition. This educational iPhone app also presents important holiday lessons such as kindness, sharing and respect for others.