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The major tablet platforms like Apple, Android and Microsoft all offer consumers different advantages. This article compares and considers those pros.

Many Tablets to Choose From

A company that performs tablet repair in Henderson has to be able to fix Android, Apple and even Microsoft tablets. Each of these platforms holds significant market share, but for the average consumer, selecting the platform that’s the best fit for them can be a challenging process.

What Android Does Well

Developed by Google, Android is an open platform. Openness has its downsides, but it’s mostly a good thing. The app selection available for Android devices is phenomenal, and since the market is more competitive and less manicured, many of the apps you need or want are either free or available at a price that’s significantly reduced compared to the competing platforms.

What Apple Does Well

iOS is highly refined, and since there’s only ever one current version of the OS, it’s extremely reliable. No matter what Apple device you pick up and use, you can expect iOS to look and behave the same. Apple has also emphasized user-friendliness in a way that competitors haven’t matched, and the nice thing about that is that many grandmas and grandpas can take to an iPad a lot easier that many other devices.

What Microsoft Does Well

Microsoft caters to the power user, and the big advantage of its off-PC devices is that nearly any software that can run on a desktop can also run on its tablets. It’s incredibly useful being able to take an Excel spreadsheet with you and then seamlessly apply any changes when you return to your desk. MS may not offer broad app selection, but the scope of the apps it does offer is second to none.