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5 Qualities to Look for In Your iPhone Repair Technician in North Las Vegas, NV

Do you live in North Las Vegas and own an iPhone? Everyone needs a good cell phone repair service nearby, just in case you drop your phone and crack the screen. Call Wireless Doctor if you need fast, affordable and friendly iPhone repair service.

Some qualities you should look for in a iPhone repair technician:

• Free diagnostics for every individual service
• Reputable and Experienced with years of professional work
• Multiple stores throughout your area
• Competitive prices
• Warranties on repairs

Our North Las Vegas store is near Lucky Club hotel & casino and Cheyenne Crossings apartment complex. It’s surrounded by restaurants and supermarkets, and you can reach it via public transportation easily.

Every smartphone has more or less the same problems that require repairs. Naturally, iPhones are no different. For example, your screen may crack when you drop it. Sometimes the cameras fail, and sometimes the LCDs die off. Other issues that involve the screen include water damage, scratches, and Touch ID. Software issues are common as well, and they include unlocking, transferring data, and resetting. Other issues revolve around battery replacement, earpiece or speaker problems, button repairs, and replacing the back housing.

We understand that not everyone has an Apple product. Therefore, next to iPhone repair, they can also help you with any other smartphone you might have. Samsung, for example, is a popular Android-based smartphone platform. And of course, every single problem that iPhones have happens with other brands. So if you have a Samsung Galaxy from S2 onward, including Galaxy Notes, Wireless Doctor can fix it.

However, Samsung and iPhone are by no means the only two brands their services cover. In fact, the list of brands they’ll fix for you is quite big. This list includes the following brands: LG, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, ZTE, Motorola, Huawei, and Nokia. If you’d like to know which particular models of these brands the Wireless Doctor can repair, visit their official website at

Wireless Doctor technicians will work diligently to repair your phone or replace any missing part. In fact, if you call them, you’ll get a $10 discount with your first order. With free diagnostics and cheap repair rates, it’s no wonder Wireless Doctor is number one in North Las Vegas.

Computer Repair

Our North Las Vegas technicians can help with both software and hardware computer problems. In terms of software, this includes upgrades, cleaning, and OS installation. On the other hand, they cover a vast array of hardware problems, such as hard drive replacement, processor installation, cleaning, and so on. Each technician is an expert in this field and will help you get your PC back on track quickly, for a very decent rate.

Free Diagnostics

With every customer, Wireless Doctor offers problem diagnostics free of charge. The diagnostics include complete hardware component tests, followed by a full software data analysis. After this is done, you get a rough estimate of the price. However, you don’t have to commit to it. The best part is that you can negotiate the price down to a level that works for both you and the Wireless Doctor staff. One thing is for sure at Wireless Doctor – they work for YOUR comfort.

Technician Experience

The company staff is comprised of professionals with many years of service. The best business must have the best staff, after all. And if you want your iPhone repaired properly, you’ll need the best.

In addition to iPhones, the experts at Wireless Doctor can repair other smartphones and computers. The market for tech repairs is vast, and the best way to go forward is to branch out, which Wireless Doctor does best.

Multiple Store Locations

North Las Vegas is just one location where you can find a Wireless Doctor store. If you choose to travel around the city, you will find their stores in no less than five locations, with a few being in nearby cities as well.

Naturally, you can get phone repairs without actually going to any of the stores. Wireless Doctor employees will come to your house, pick up the device, repair it, and return it to you as soon as possible. In other words, you can choose the option of phone delivery and not even leave the house.

Low Prices

As stated, Wireless Doctor is one of the cheapest iPhone repair services in North Las Vegas. But they go one step beyond that. In fact, they will match any lower price on the market and go out of their way to offer you a better deal. The philosophy at Wireless Doctor is that the customer is always right. And a satisfied customer is a return customer.

Positive Feedback

Nearly every user has given Wireless Doctor a rating of five stars. At a 100% positive feedback, this iPhone repair service can only give you top quality. The four qualities mentioned before this one help to illustrate why that’s the case.


If you’re looking for the best iPhone repair service in North Las Vegas, NV, stop by our local store. We will help you with your iPhone, PC, or smartphone quickly and efficiently. We will do it at a low price.

Wireless Doctor is open from 10AM to 7PM every day of the week. Call us at (702) 550-9999.

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