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Get Fast iPhone Repair Near Las Vegas, NV

Getting swift, easy, and cheap iPhone repair can be hard, especially in Las Vegas. However, with just one phone call, we at Wireless Doctor can offer anyone the best iPhone repair services. With at least five locations across Las Vegas and great prices, it’s no wonder we’re number one.

Why Choose Wireless Doctor iPhone Repair Services?

We are a company that takes our customers seriously. Our certified technicians have years of professional experience. Furthermore, the staff we employ are friendly and approachable to every customer, all the time. Not to mention that we offer free diagnostics and repairs that are within everyone’s price range.

What to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV is the casino capital of USA. As such, you can visit many casinos and hotels in the city. Northwest of our West Charleston Blvd store, at 9090 Alta Drv, you can find the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. Further north, on the corner of Canyon Run Dr and North Rampart Blvd, you’ll find the wonderful JW Mariott Las Vegas Resort & Spa, where you can relax and unwind.

Golfing resorts are a dime a dozen in Las Vegas, too. North of our West Craig Rd store, you can visit the Los Prados Golf & Country club. In addition, there are several golf clubs close to the JW Mariott Resort & Spa.

But for the ultimate tourist, seeing the Las Vegas Strip is a dream come true. Our East Charleston Blvd is a short drive away from the Art District, directly entering the strip. Close to the district are several museums, including the Neon Museum and the Museum of Natural History.

All of our retail stores’ locations and their contact info are readily available on our website, at

What Do We Offer?

iPhone Repair

Here at Wireless Doctor, we offer repairs for many iPhone models, from 2G all the way to 8+. Whatever your iPhone model might be, we will have a solution to its problem.
iPhones tend to have similar problems to other smartphone brands. These include cracked screens, broken cameras, replacing batteries, issues with WiFi and so on. Other problems focus on speakers, earpieces, water damage, data transfers, and unlocking. Wireless Doctor can deal with all of them.

Whether it’s parts replacement or regular repairs, we offer top of the line work for low prices. In fact, if you call now, you’ll get a $10 discount on your first order. Our technicians can replace your batteries, repair screens, and LCDs, fix up cameras and phone buttons, as well as clean up your phone in case of water or dirt damages. We only employ the best iPhone repairs experts, with years of experience and professional work.

Samsung Repair

Naturally, we don’t just offer iPhone repairs services here at Wireless Doctor. We’re also specialized in repairing Samsung smartphones. In case our customers have any Galaxy smartphone from model 2 onwards, we can fix it. Broken screens? No problem. Issues with software? We’re on it. Chargers not working or losing contact? Wireless Doctor is on the case. Literally, any hardware problem becomes history with our fast and cheap services. So if a Samsung or an iPhone user lives in the Valley area, he or she need only call us, and the phone is as good as repaired.

Other Smartphone Brands

Not everyone owns a Samsung or an iPhone. Of course, we understand that. That’s why we offer our services to users with other phone brands as well.

The brands we cover include HTC, LG, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, and Blackberry. All of the common iPhone repair issues overlap with these other models. If your Nokia has a crack on its screen, we can replace it. Maybe that Xperia model doesn’t transfer data well, or locks out on the user. Our technicians can work on it in a fast, reliable manner. Perhaps the earpiece of the Motorola is acting up. No problem – we have the manpower to work on it. Every popular model on the market can be repaired here at Wireless Doctor. iPhone repair is just one small, yet important part of it.

Non-Smartphone Repairs

Tablet Repairs

Here at Wireless Doctor, we don’t just do iPhone repairs. We also deal with other devices you might need. Tablets and smart pads are a major part of that.

Wireless Doctor technicians can fix your iPads and Samsung pads quickly and for a low price. Any iPad from Generation 1 onward has similar issues, and we can fix them all. The same goes for all Galaxy Tab and Note models of Samsung. We can fix your screens, batteries, chargers, and other bits of hardware in no time. Furthermore, we will offer replacement of any broken or corrupt part of the tablet.

Naturally, Apple and Samsung products are just one small part of what we can repair. Other tablet models include Huawei, Karbonn, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Sony Xperia, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft Surface, HTC Nexus, Google Nexus, and Kindle Fire. Whatever the problem, Wireless Doctor can fix it.

Computer Repairs

Wireless Doctor doesn’t just cover iPhone repairs. We, in fact, work with all Apple products, including personal computers. Your Apple computer can have a wide variety of problems. These can range from hardware issues (screen death, keyboard jams, hard drive corruption, etc.) to software problems. At Wireless Doctor, we offer a wide range of repairs for the Apple PC. Furthermore, we also do hardware replacement, as well as upgrades. Our staff is highly qualified to handle every Apple product currently on the market.

But that’s not all. We also deal with other PC brands. In fact, we routinely work with all hardware that non-Apple computers carry. That means we can repair corrupt hard drives, replace broken processors, tweak gaming rigs, and much, much more. Any PC enthusiast within the Valley area can contact us for the best in computer repair.

What Makes Wireless Doctor the Best iPhone Repair Service in Las Vegas?

Naturally, there are other services in Las Vegas that deal with iPhone repair and replacement. However, we here at Wireless Doctor strive to work FOR the customer and offer them the fastest and cheapest services out there.

Free Diagnostics

When a customer calls us, they will get a full diagnostics of their device free of charge. That means that we will take a detailed look at their iPhone, iPad, or computer, and diagnose the problem while charging zero dollars for the service.

Our technicians take the device and perform a full hardware analysis of it. Next, they do the same for software, covering everything that could possibly go wrong with the gadget. Finally, they provide the customer with the full, detailed report, as well as a price estimate. However, the great thing about our services is that there is no set commitment to the price – it is, in fact, negotiable.

Low Prices

We here at Wireless Doctor embrace the competitive nature of the iPhone repair market. That’s why we try to offer the lowest price possible to our clients. In fact, if there’s a lower price out there, we will strive to match it or offer an even more beneficial deal.

Multiple Locations

When it comes to Las Vegas alone, we have over seven known locations, with one in Henderson and one in St. George. Any customer can contact us from 9 AM to 7 PM every day of the week. As stated, all of our locations are listed on the company website.

However, the customers don’t even have to come to us for iPhone repair. In fact, we can come to their location, pick up their device, take it with us, repair it, and bring it back to them, at their own doorstep. We take our commitment to our customers seriously, and home delivery is just one segment of it.
Customer Satisfaction

Our Yelp page will be proof enough of how well we do with our customers. We boast 100% customer satisfaction, with overwhelming numbers of five-star reviews and positive feedback.

To conclude

When it comes to iPhone repair in Las Vegas, it’s hard to beat Wireless Doctor. With our low prices, speedy delivery, and positive feedback, we are the best that the Las Vegas market has to offer.

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