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50 years ago, there were few people who could have imagined the impact that computers would have on our lives. Interestingly enough, even with robots on Mars and things like gene editing, there is nowhere that computers have a larger impact than in our very own homes.

Our desktop and laptop computers are portals to all the places we invest our time, including work, social networks, and our entertainment. When your computer is damaged, broken, or just not running at its previous lightning fast speed, you can bring it into the Wireless Doctors. Our computer repair specialists can help with everything from upgrades to LCD replacements. You won’t find a more customer-focused or effective computer repair team in the Valley.

Computer Repairs We Offer

At Wireless Doctor in Las Vegas, we offer a broad spectrum of computer repair services for both desktops and laptops. We can even help you build the perfect computer for your gaming, designing, or information management needs.

The computer repairs that we help people with the most often are:

Hard Drive Replacements

Increase your storage capacity and memory with a faster, bigger hard drive, allowing you to store more games, media, files, and backups.

Hardware Repairs

The components in your tower can be damaged from debris, electrical charge, or even just old age. Often times, our computer repair technicians can locate the problem and fix it. In the case that something needs replacing, We will always explain why and help you find a solution that fits your budget.

LCD Replacements

A damaged computer screen won’t necessarily stop you from getting your work done, but you won’t be able to ignore the flicker, lines, or lack of a backlight if working or playing in the evening. We regularly help customers with computer screen repairs.

Component Upgrades

If speed and processing power is what you’re looking for, chances are good that you simply need some newer components. We can help you select the right upgrades to get the most out of your system without overspending or stressing your other hardware.

7 Convenient Location To Choose From

Thanks to the unrelenting support of our customers, Wireless Doctor has grown from its humble beginnings to having seven conveniently located locations in Las Vegas (5), Henderson (1), and St. George, Utah (1). We’re grateful for all of your support and continue to strive to be the absolute best computer repair team in the areas our services are offered.

With all of our current locations open for business seven days a week, chances are good that there is a Wireless Doctor near you ready to help with the computer repair services that you need.

Local, Trusted Computer Repair Technicians

Our reputation was built on success and impeccable customer service, so when you choose to give your business to Wireless Doctor, you should expect nothing less than that. Our ongoing training and certifications for all of our techs ensures that we maintain the most highly qualified computer repair team in Las Vegas and allows us to consistently offer superior services at affordable prices. That’s why when local residents need reliable, transparent computer repair services, they turn to the Wireless Doctor.

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